Order Instructions

Certain fundamental parameters must be taken into account to correctly place an order; these allow us to clearly identify your needs and offer you the right product.

How to order a chain

For grooving chains, the parameters to be specified at the time of the order are as follows:

  • Width of the groove to be made (LA)
  • Number of links needed
  • Pitch
  • Thick central mesh

N.B.: our pitches are divided into A, B and C, and can be found by measuring the distance between a link of the chain and the third consecutive link. The measurements are as follows:

  • Pitch A: 22,6 mm or .89"
  • Pitch B: 15,75 mm or .62"
  • Pitch C: 13,7 mm or .54"

In addition, remember to also specify if a black or chrome chain (NOVA) is needed, as the type of grinding required (wood, hardwood, plastic, etc...)

For special wood or wood that is difficult to machine, please tell us the name of the wood and we will be able to assist you as regards the most suitable grinding.

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