Utensilegno chains can be used for different machining purposes, starting from the classic construction of doors and windows up to the creation of building structures of wood, such as the construction of large architectural complexes, modern homes and beams, the machining of shoe forms and so on.

Its innovative chain cutters allow machining of all types, from milling, notching, and even contouring to boring, and can be used both on CNC machines as well as carpentry tools like the common drill.

Whether on fixed or portable machines, or for industrial to private use, our products feature a wide range of sizes, and we offer the customer the opportunity to request special sizes outside of our standard production. Production and design are our strengths.

Costruction of doors and windows

Locks mortises

Home construction

Large architectural complexes

Workings for shoe forms

Trunks barking

Chains for major wooding centers

Utensilegno also produces chains used in the production of plywood as well as to equip machinery that comprise modern, large automatic wood machining centres, such as Uniteam, Hundegger, Schmidler, and more. For these machines, Utensilegno provides cranksets complete with a belt, chain and sprocket.

Chains for portables mortising machines for carpentry

Utensilegno also produces chains, belts and sprockets suitable for mounting on portable German and Japanese slotting machines, which are commonly used for carpentry work to be performed directly on-site.
Utensilegno cranksets can be mounted on the following models of portable slotting machines:

  • Elu: MKS 10, MKS 33
  • Festo: Tiger
  • Haffner: KKF15, KF 15, KF 20, KF 416, SL 402 e 403
  • Hema: ZKS 15
  • Holzher: ZK, ZK 2340
  • Lyon Flex: P 43M
  • Mafell: "S", LS 101, LS 102, LS 103
  • Makita: KC 100
  • Protool: CMP 150
  • Ryobi: CM 40
  • Sauer: Tiger, KST-L
  • Schrauben Schmid: LSK 120, LSK 170, LST 300

Some portable slotting machines, such as Mafell, Hema, Schrauben Schmid, are able to be equipped with special devices that allow for grooves from 6 to 21 mm and 300, 400, 500 mm deep (and higher) to be made, which is very appreciated in carpentry work on the construction site. Utensilegno also produces suitable cranksets for these machines.

Standard chains for traditional stationery machines

Utensilegno's standard production chains can be fitted to any traditional fixed slotting machine made by the most famous brands, such as:

  • Bäuerle Centauro: CVS 10, 20, 50 e 60
  • Elmag Festo: pp
  • Framar: MC 30, 40, 50 e 60 Special
  • Griggio: G281, G450 e G550S
  • Guillet
  • Haffner: KF20, KKF15, SL 402 e 403
  • Hema: MC 30 e MC 40
  • Lyon Flex: F55A, F56B, F70
  • Mabo: Star 200 e 400
  • ME.SA: GT40S, GT50S, GT60S, GT600
  • Rapid: SKS e MSK
  • Sauterau: Stiren SM
  • Sicar: CC30, CC40 E CC60
  • Steton: Mondial, Special 400 e 500, Bispecial 600
  • SAC: Sualfra e Invicta