Order instructions

Certain fundamental parameters must be taken into account to correctly place an order; these allow us to clearly identify your needs and offer you the right product.

To order a complete set or a guide bar, please provide the following informations:

  • Mortise width (W) (corresponding to the thickness or width of the chain
  • Mortise lenght (L)
  • Mortise lenght (D)
  • Inner link chain
  • "E" machines centres as shown in the figure
  • Mark and model of mortaisind machine (if possible)
  • Specify if the guide bars have to be with «CL» lubrication (connection for automatic oil pump) or «CI», with the Stauffer manual grease.

How to order a chain only:

  • Width of the mortise to be made (W) corresponding to the thickness of the chain
  • Number of links needed
  • Pitch (A or B or C)
  • Thickness of the inner link chain
  • Type of wood to be worked

To order sprockets and bar ends, please provide the following information:

  • Mortise width (W)
  • Mortise length (L)
  • Chain pitch
  • Chain inner link;
  • Number of sprocket teeth

The chain pitches
The pitch is the distance between the centerline of a pin and that one of the next third, as shown in the figure. Utensilegno chains are produced in the following three pitches:

  • “A” pitch: 22,6 mm (.89") for mortises of 40 or 50 mm or longer. Used for routine carpentry work.
  • “B” pitch: 15,75 mm (.62") and 16,2 mm (.64") for mortises 30 and 35 mm long. Used for work requiring high levels of accuracy and precision.
  • “C” pitch: 13,7 mm (.54") for mortises 20 and 25 mm long. Used for extremely precise work.

In addition, remember to also specify if a black or chromium-plated chain (NOVA) is needed, as the type of grinding required (wood, hardwood, plastic, etc). For special wood or wood that is difficult to machine, please tell us the name of the wood and we will be able to assist you as regards the most suitable grinding.