An historic company founded in 1945

Our story

On market by 1945

Utensilegno is a historical Italian company producing mortising chains, accessories and other tools for processing wood, plastic and derivatives.

Founded in 1945 by engineer Alessandro Macchi, Utensilegno immediately distinguished itself for the quality of its products, and boasts a know-how developed over more than half of a century.

The Utensilegno chains are built according to modern automatic systems and are subject to rigorous checks during manufacturing, followed by final testing before being put on the market.

Our products

Quality at fair prices

Due to our long experience in this specialisation, Utensilegno chains have been consolidated throughout the world for some years now. The technologies used, quality of materials, competitive prices, vast assortment in stock and prompt deliveries are traits that have lead UItensilegno to be among the best companies in the industry, with its products exported worldwide.

Built using specially formulated steels, they guarantee constant, durable cutting quality of a higher level than that found in other products on the market. The Utensilegno production cycle involves the use of automated and high-tech machinery, and is subject to frequent controls at every stage to ensure the high quality of its products.

The company prides itself on its customer satisfaction. In addition to its products contained on the price list, Utensilegno offers special machining on request to meet the needs of its customers. The large assortment of chains in stock and our continuous, careful assistence in both the sales and after-sales stages undoubtedly represent added value for our customers.

Utensilegno in the world

Export all over the world

Utensilegno, an Italian company producing mortising and bedding chains, is appreciated both on the national territory and in every other part of the world. 80 percent of its production is destined for export and the quality of its products has been present for over 70 years on international markets. Thanks to the continuous interest of foreign customers in Italian products and the continuous search of the company to improve its products, those opportunities for commercial relations have developed that have contributed to making Utensilegno one of the most successful Italian companies in the production of mortising chains and bedani.

And it is precisely the quality of its products and the professionalism that distinguishes the company that allows it to better meet the needs of its customers by also offering solutions designed to meet the most diverse requests in the field of its specific business. Utensilegno is able to quickly produce and deliver its products in the countries of destination of its customers with whom it has established, for many years, a close collaboration, the result of the commercial support and assistance it can guarantee.